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Who is the “water girl” who stole all eyes on the red carpet of the Golden Globes

Finally this January 6 was held the Golden Globes 2019 award, a ceremony that was commissioned to award the best of the world of series and movies. On the red carpet paraded hundreds of celebrities who attended the gala this year, however, this time the internet is losing its head for a girl who was on staff and who only devoted to distributing bottles of water Fiji, since while he was doing it he took the opportunity to appear in the photos of all the celebrities.

In the network is already being known as “Fiji Water Girl” or “The girl of water”, and it is getting viral for all the photos that people are posting on the web where you can see the young girl posing for the cameras from the back and while holding a tray with Fiji water. Obviously, those who dream of knowing their favorite actress or actor are already asking what must be done to be like the Fiji Water Girl, who practically “portrayed” herself with many of the attendees.

Here we leave you a small gallery 100% real not fake that illustrates what we have just told you.

Each delivery of the Golden Globes is memorable from beginning to end. Whether it’s the best and worst looks or the emotional speeches, we always have something to talk about. In this seventy-sixth edition of these film and television awards, celebrities shined as usual, but this girl unexpectedly stole the cameras.

During the live broadcast of the event, which ranged from the arrivals of the red carpet to the award ceremony, the eyes of the viewers were diverted to the background; a girl in a blue dress with a tray with bottles of water Fiji slipped into multiple photos of celebrities, from Cody Fern and Richard Madden, to Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.

Of course, the Internet did not take long to make theirs, creating memes of this girl who surely will not remain unidentified for a long time, because most likely their social networks are revealed and have an occasional interview soon. So you know, the trending topic of the moment is: the water girl Fiji.

Photo: GettyImages, Tony Shalhoub and Marin Hinkle (and the water girl Fiji)
The fact that this girl who was simply holding a tray with bottles of water on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards became a phenomenon among Internet users, it only reminds us of the certainty of a phrase that Andy Warhol said, “In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”