Here are some of our favorite spanish websites

Ecommerce is a useful tool today as one of the means to expand sales or the image of a company. Currently there are web pages that provide the necessary tools in the form of portals that serve brands as platforms to offer their products without having to invest in their own page. However, despite these, it is important to mention that having a website allows us to generate an approach with the public, to know more about a brand and to be able to find all the necessary information in one place, from topics as the birth and the concept of the brand up to an online store.

On the other hand, although there are several diseño web that have their own website, it is necessary that the image that was projected within it is the right one so that who visits it as well as finding what they need, do not stop looking the content.

Here we present our Top 10 of the best Mexican fashion brands websites for women who have done a good job so far to reflect their essence digitally.


Malamada offers a dynamic site where you can scroll through the identity of the signature with a scroll.


With excellent photography, the site of CARLA FERNANDEZ is a good example of the relationship between image and concept.


The site of Kris Goyri is an approach to his current inspiration, in addition to finding everything about the signature in the same place.


We found your site refreshing, with striking boxes of what they offer at the moment PINK MAGNOLIA made us go through each space.


Very up-to-date, finally Alfredo Martínez gives us a close up to what happened in his latest runway and most current campaign, followed by boxes that direct you directly to the online store, as well as his recent collaborations with other brands. You can find everything in an easy and fast way.


The site of Amandina is a window to see more closely your work. It shows us in full a simple and neat image, a definite projection of what your signature is.


Rodete is probably one of the most minimalist sites, it is interesting to see the transition of images about the concept for its recent collection, reflecting the essence that serves as a source of inspiration for this.


Although it is not the most prolix site I reach to be considered within this top 10 for being minimalist without falling into the simple and a moderately user friendly navigation.

Armando Takeda shows what’s right on his website.


Mysterious, the site of Cynthia Buttenklepper makes you go through each of the spaces on the page step by step, despite not knowing where to start, which does not show all its content makes you want to see the site of the beginning to end


With a click you can see the new collection of the brand up close, you do not need to go from here to there to know everything about the firm. The perfect example of translation from brand essence to digital.

Mrs. Marissa Garcia, Fashion Designer and founder of Fashion Design Center A.C. one of the most recognized academic institutions nationwide that has trained hundreds of renowned fashion designers.

A born entrepreneur since her beginnings in the fashion industry with a career that exceeds 40 years, has been characterized by its interest in providing practical tools to all clothing enthusiasts from housewives to designers who currently have great reputation. In their history they have highlighted the different efforts to reach more people with their knowledge through the publication of various books, the most recent being the re-launching of their book specialized in haute couture for children’s clothing.

Seeing the needs of their students and in such a way that could reach more people, Deustúa decided to convert their classes into books whose content was easy to follow so that even a person with little knowledge of clothing could learn quickly. This method of teaching has been repeated in 7 previous publications, for the edition of this book his approach was specialized in high fashion clothing for a children’s market (ceremony, special occasions, etc.), “In it you can find different designs, styles , and details applicable to clothing for boys and girls “said the author.

In this book, decades of experience in haute couture making for children’s garments are reflected, “this book was originally made thinking of all those women who want to look for an additional source of income, my surprise was that even large garment factories and production managers they have used it as part of their methods of implementation in the manufacture of garments “shared us Ms. Which indicates the versatility of the knowledge contained in this didactic issue.

The passion that Master Deustúa has always shown for the teaching and education of future designers and fashion designers is clear.

With a print run of more than 1,000 copies in this first reissue, Ms. Deustúa will present her book within the framework of FIL on December 2 at 12pm this year.

Who is the “water girl” who stole all eyes on the red carpet of the Golden Globes

Finally this January 6 was held the Golden Globes 2019 award, a ceremony that was commissioned to award the best of the world of series and movies. On the red carpet paraded hundreds of celebrities who attended the gala this year, however, this time the internet is losing its head for a girl who was on staff and who only devoted to distributing bottles of water Fiji, since while he was doing it he took the opportunity to appear in the photos of all the celebrities.

In the network is already being known as “Fiji Water Girl” or “The girl of water”, and it is getting viral for all the photos that people are posting on the web where you can see the young girl posing for the cameras from the back and while holding a tray with Fiji water. Obviously, those who dream of knowing their favorite actress or actor are already asking what must be done to be like the Fiji Water Girl, who practically “portrayed” herself with many of the attendees.

Here we leave you a small gallery 100% real not fake that illustrates what we have just told you.

Each delivery of the Golden Globes is memorable from beginning to end. Whether it’s the best and worst looks or the emotional speeches, we always have something to talk about. In this seventy-sixth edition of these film and television awards, celebrities shined as usual, but this girl unexpectedly stole the cameras.

During the live broadcast of the event, which ranged from the arrivals of the red carpet to the award ceremony, the eyes of the viewers were diverted to the background; a girl in a blue dress with a tray with bottles of water Fiji slipped into multiple photos of celebrities, from Cody Fern and Richard Madden, to Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.

Of course, the Internet did not take long to make theirs, creating memes of this girl who surely will not remain unidentified for a long time, because most likely their social networks are revealed and have an occasional interview soon. So you know, the trending topic of the moment is: the water girl Fiji.

Photo: GettyImages, Tony Shalhoub and Marin Hinkle (and the water girl Fiji)
The fact that this girl who was simply holding a tray with bottles of water on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards became a phenomenon among Internet users, it only reminds us of the certainty of a phrase that Andy Warhol said, “In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”


Widespread Youngsters Clothes Considerations – And The right way to Resolve Them

Dad and mom are sure to come across kids clothes issues in the end. These kids clothes issues could also be gentle and minor throughout the infancy stage of the kid, however they change into drastically troublesome to cope with after they in flip into toddlers. After all, mother and father have to handle these kids clothes issues instantly, since kids clothes is a vital a part of a kids’s development. Sure kinds of garments have an effect on the expansion and the event of youngsters, so mother and father have to repair the issue as quickly as they’re detected. Listed below are a number of issues mother and father generally encounter about kids clothes.

What would you do in case your baby needs to put on the identical shirt on a regular basis?

This often occurs when a toddler turns into too hooked up to a specific piece of youngsters clothes. He appears this shirt as a supply of consolation, his personal little manner of coping with stress. Whereas mother and father might not be conscious of it, children-even toddlers-experience stress when main modifications occur of their environment. When this occurs, mother and father merely need to let the kid put on this piece of clothes. They’ve to ensure it’s correctly cleaned when attainable, and so they have to handle the kid’s physiological wants too. Ultimately, that is solely a phase-the baby is sure to outgrow it.

What would you do if you’re having a tough time looking for garments along with your kids?

There’ll come a time when a toddler will change into too detached with kids clothes procuring and can resent it altogether. This often occurs to toddlers, who’re too younger to understand clothes. When the kid is just too distracted or detached, mother and father could have a tough time becoming garments. This may outcome to oldsters shopping for items of youngsters clothes that aren’t an ideal match. There isn’t a actual resolution to this besides a guardian’s ingenuity. Attempt to think about methods to make garments procuring thrilling or give small rewards when your baby behaves correctly throughout garments procuring. Dad and mom also can log on and present their baby the totally different garments she or he can select. Giving the kid this energy might make her or him with the entire course of of garments procuring.

What would you do in case your baby grows so quick and so they are likely to outgrow their garments too rapidly?

To forestall youngsters from outgrowing their kids clothes too rapidly, mother and father have to contemplate a number of components of their clothes selections. For one, they need to purchase pants with adjustable waists since these kinds of garments accommodate speedy and sudden development. For indoor garments, mother and father must also purchase lengthy pants; they will hem them then take away the hem when the kid has outgrown it. For ladies, lengthy sleeveless clothes are the best garments to accommodate development since they’d not look inappropriately sized when the wearer has grown since there aren’t any sleeves and it might merely seem like a brief gown.

Garments at the moment are guided by the style. Initially they have been our fundamental want however now together with that they need to swimsuit a person’s character. All of us preserve this factor clear in our head whereas looking for our outfits. This vogue issue sticks with us no matter age and gender. Youngsters now-a-days are giving powerful competitors to the grown ups by way of vogue. Having stated that, additionally it is true that with their superfast development price, you must watch out whereas shopping for their garments. Whereas shopping for garments on your little ones, you must ensure concerning the utility of the garments. It might match nicely for the time being, however with a few months gone, it can begin getting tight. Additionally at their age, they struggle so many issues that they may damage their garments. However with all this, you additionally need to watch out about not compromising with the standard of childrens garments. Low high quality garments might have an effect on the well being of your family members.

It is best to plan rigorously, whereas going for procuring on your kids. In summers, nothing fits them higher than the cotton garments. They’re nicely suited to such season as a result of the fabric is sort of useful for the air transition throughout sizzling climate. Additionally, it’s so delicate and cozy that your child will really feel fairly relaxed with the garments on. One of the best outfit throughout such climate is shorts and t-shirts, as they’ve a excessive consolation stage. For winter you will need to think about jeans. They’ve that insulating high quality which prevents your baby from the extreme chilly. Youngsters garments are additionally fairly a favourite topic amongst designers. However that can actually be a waste of cash contemplating their development price. The identical cash could be saved and utilized in different fundamental requirements.